dean davidson

Years of experience: 10
Position: Art Director

Dean came to us from the advertising agency world and brings new creative direction to each issue of our publications.

melissa sturman

Years of experience: 3
Position: Account Executive
Travel was her world before joining our media family, where she worked as a travel agent and learned the importance of customer service. 

kaity teer

Years of experience: 7
Position: Freelance Editor
Kaity brings with her a MFA in Creative Writing and is a published author skilled at editorial writing and editing.


the team

Frances Badget

Years of experience: 11
Position: Editor In Chief

Frances has a MFA in Creative Writing and brings with her more than 11 years of experience in publishing,  editorial writing   and editing. 

Babette vickers

Years of experience: 10
Position: Account Executive
Babette came to us from the cable and radio advertising world, and brought with her a broad range of experience and knowledge to help clients achieve their goals.

patricia wodrich

Years of experience: 20
Position: Business Development/MENU Magazine
Patricia is a business consultant with significant experience in commercial real estate where she helped businesses reach their potential through strategic planning.

Lisa KArlberg

Years of experience: 19
Position: Founder     President | Publisher

Lisa established K & L Media, Inc. in 2009 to provide businesses and local consumers with premium publications that speak to where they live and work.

“I have been working with K & L Media since the first issue in 2009. The responses I receive from both clients and prospective clients have exceeded my expectations. It has been a pleasure partnering with K & L Media to create campaigns that work for my business and help me achieve my goals. ”

Kathy Stauffer

Windermere-Whatcom, Broker

“K & L Media thanks its many interns, freelancers and contributors who make our publications possible”

Lisa Karlberg

President | Publisher

christopher marshall

Years of experience: 4
Position: Account Executive
Christopher's extensive sales background assists clients in making informed decisions on print and website buys. And yes, his English accent is authentic!

mariah curry

Years of experience: 2
Position: Graphic Design
Starting as an intern, Mariah has worked her way into a key member of our design team. Her illustration skills and design layout techniques are a welcome addition to our design staff's experience and creativity.


Years of experience: 10
Position: Office Manager
Lisa's right hand--Jenn does it all from billing and accounting to supporting sales and keeping the staff fed with her French Toast Fridays.